Deja Vu means that you have seen it before. A Refinery, refines things to make them better. After two decades of study and work in the field of men's vintage fashion, our Founder (an eccentric New York Gypsy Jew) set off upon the direction many long-time vintage dealers like himself were going: Vintage reproductions. The vintage market has been depleted more with each passing year, and vintage reproductions began to outdo the quality of the original incarnations they were inspired by. While still working with names you have in your closet and on your TV, as a men's fashion consultant and men's vintage dealer, Jason Pollak began using his vast archives to craft a capsule collection of timeless essentials for every reason and season. Jason spent his teen years scouring NY for cool clothing. As he got older, he continued this in other places. Years spent digging through Japanese vintage clothing bales fresh off the docks, yielded an impressive archive of mostly American Salvation Army rejects (often still tagged by them). DEJA VU REFINERY was founded in Asheville, North Carolina in 2010. In 2012 this brand was part of the curriculum in a branding course at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC. That same year, Esquire Magazine proclaimed DEBONAIR to be one of the 25 Best Sunglasses of 2012. Years of research and designs went into the creation of the quintessentially masculine eyewear model we call DEBONAIR. Still sold today, it's a perfectly refined classic accessory for women too. In the Wild West of New Mexico, USA Jason Pollak and his American and Native American artisans and apprentices work in a 200 year old pueblo chapel, with a tiny private chapel in our brick courtyard behind a water fountain, a Pueblo Indian horno stove, a 200 year old tree, 3 types of grapes, wildflowers, lilac trees, and a private entrance to the Albuquerque Museum. It is located in the oldest district in Albuquerque, know as Old Town. Old Town was founded in 1706, 70 years before America was founded in 1776! In his atelier, new heirlooms are continuously being refined for market. Old heirlooms like antique quilts, early American sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, vintage clothing, fine Portuguese soap, cologne, newsboy caps, and accessories are all joyfully retailed from the atelier both in person, and online. Jason's vintage reproduction luxury staples; are permanently offered, warrantied for life, and made by hand. We invest years into the perfection of every detail. The purpose of DEJA VU REFINERY, is to hand-make (or find) the definitive version of what everyone needs; classic items that have outfitted, and furnished the homes of cool people---for generations. Unassailable mercantile sophistication. Restore, refine, or reinvent yourself.