The best American Turquoise & Silver jewelry available.


    The indigo one was bought by a professor at Vassar. The others are still available. Our long sun-faded bandana scarf comes in several traditional colors. This double-sided heirloom, features a classic paisley sun-burst pattern which was naturally faded by the New Mexico sun. The other side of each scarf is the exact same color, dyed in a newer and more vivid shade. Both sides have hand-sewn vintage 100% cotton patches. When twisted and wrapped wet, or dry, the contrasting hues of the same color, deliver a complex and weathered style which works with all shirts and jackets, in every season, for every reason. Our heirloom wild western vintage bandana scarf will soften, fade, fray, and age beautifully and will become one of your most treasured accessories. We also offer bandana patching services for life, matching colors with vintage bandana scraps. Every hand-sewn 100% cotton bandana scarf comes slightly distressed, sun-faded on one side, and measures 21" x 63".