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    Unlike all other events in Old Town; Ours is Privately funded in order to remain culturally and community beneficial. Other Old Town events, have been variously funded by entities who were understandably much less concerned with every single detail, and all participants' needs. Over the span of a year; The ROUTE 66 Fred Harvey Era Indigenous Southwest Culture, ANTIQUES, TEXTILES & VINTAGE CLOTHING BONANZA in OLD TOWN ALBUQUERQUE has warmly welcomed many typically participating or clearly relevant entities: Those who went deliberately waaaay out of their way to refuse to participate. And even worse still---REFUSED to INFORM their own people [whom they are PAID a SALARY to HELP]; of our Free and inexpensive opportunities offered to THEIR oppressed disenfranchised people. These shamefully corrupt human beings; get a very special heart-felt recognition here. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.


    San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town - When I invited the Pastor to set up their typical church-owned shacks and tents (stored in their garage) and tables (as they do at other Old Town events) he scoffed at the notion. He haughtily replied, right at the very beginning of the call "Well there wouldn't even BE an Old Town, if it wasn't for this Church--as I'm sure you would agree!!!" Now I was taken aback by that, as his response to participating, but nonetheless I offered free booths, and Church-Branded ethnic decorations like luminarias, Mexican-style paper flags, etc. they could ink stamp with church info, he said they didn't need any more Parishioners. He said the first church fiesta of the season, was theirs, and it was the weekend after our event. They needed no additional attendees. I asked why he wouldn't want to publicize that. He replied, "We are here, we will be open, we don't need any role in this event!" I stressed it was an event representing indigenous southwest cultures (like Catholicism) and that this was a community event with free admission. I told him other booths would be placed there, if he didn't want the opportunity. He wanted no part in it and told me "I think you are confused and need to check your facts." When I asked him if had any objections to other vendors in front of the church; "We control that whole street and nobody else can be there." Well he was very wrong indeed. I made sure I got that "fact" checked out by 3 different city departments and I had it confirmed in writing, later that very same day. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    San Felipe School in Old Town - Well known for making the luminarias for all Old Town events, I approached the new Principal there, many months ago. We had verbally agreed to a lot of details. I offered to have the school sell us (as opposed to "donate" them as always) School-Branded luminarias for our event. We agreed that I'd rent the parking lot for the food court and that would bring people to their lovely school itself. We decided the new music teacher (there hadn't been one for 2 years) would teach a few songs to the kids and in their uniforms, they could perform and pass out enrollment literature to the audience. We agreed to have the new art teacher (there hadn't been one for 2 years) coordinate other decorations branded with school info and the kid artists' names. Crayon colored-in Saint pictures were one example. I also offered to help the school with its marketing in general. Their enrollment is low, they are unaccredited, and have been through 5 Principals in the past 3 years. The current Principal said she had zero interest in the kids singing, making decorations, luminarias, having a free booth to promote the school, online social media marketing for the school, rental of their parking lot as a food court, help with their general marketing, and more---agreed to/thought-up by the previous Principal who left after "stress-related personal reasons" like two months into her job. She moved her husband and herself from Colorado for that job too. She was very dedicated when I met with her... All this was not warmly receive at all, by the current 'acting Principal'. The Superintendent had this to write, "I have spoken with the current administrator regarding the ideas that you and Katie had discussed.  It is not that she was not open to the ideas, it has to do with the timing.  As you know Katie is no longer the principal at the school.  Five principals from other Catholic Schools have been assisting with the transition and providing support for the programs for the rest of the year.  We have one person who is considered the lead administrator on site and working to keep things running smoothly for the rest of the year.  Trying to add anything more this year was not feasible due to the turnover in administration and other faculty changes that have occurred." Plainly speaking; the kids couldn't learn a song or 2, nor color a paper with crayons, the empty parking lot on a Saturday--was unavailable, not one day could be spared to make luminarias FOR SALE as opposed to the day they devote to give them away for all other events, no online marketing needed....OK. Gotcha. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    UNM Native American Studies Department - Over several months, no less than 8 voicemails and emails were delivered to the department, and numerous conversations with the receptionist, resulted in zero calls back, and zero emails back. You would think they would have some interest in notifying their community of teachers and students, that a free event---celebrating Native American Arts & Culture was in their city. No interest whatsoever. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    UNM Art & Art History Department - Over several months, no less than 5 voicemails and emails were delivered to the department, and numerous conversations with the receptionist, resulted in zero calls back, and zero emails back. You would think they would have some interest in notifying their community of teachers and students, that a free event---celebrating Indigenous Southwest Arts & Culture was in their city. No interest whatsoever. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them!

    Old Town Restaurants and Businesses - In other events that occur in Old Town, the business owners will donate cash or decorations. NOT ONE business in Old Town has offered anything. When asked if they would like to donate anything, even free advertising decorations for themselves, the unilateral answer was no. They all did hang up the posters though. Extra big Thank you for that y'all. Our event will be a great success, most especially thanks to them. 

    The Old Town Merchants' Association - Despite the obvious relevance and revenue to Merchants within Old Town; no participation in publicity, nor any volunteer work, has been offered by anyone affiliated with the OTMA. Certainly no money was ever offered by the OTMA. An email they sent to all merchants, before the last Holiday Stroll had the following quoted luminaria plea in it. If you check with the San Felipe School, who DONATES the luminarias (and the child labor/fun involved in making them) for every stroll...they will confirm to you--they got no cash for them. EVER, in the decades of Strolls.... On the other hand, the OTMA takes in hundreds of dollars for each annual member location (I paid about $375), plus they ask for and get City cash to specifically fund the stroll itself, and on top if all that money....they apparently SELL the donated luminarias for....what...$20,000 per stroll, $30,000? Unless there is a luxury luminaria store that I don't know about... and if so, those pricey ones must require quite a hefty "purchase". Read for yourself:
                                                                    "LUMINARIA UPDATE
    OTMA is actively seeking donations for Holiday Stroll, our donations are down this year by roughly $6,700.00.  Earlier this week we needed to make a decision on the luminarias that were being purchased.  We made a decision to eliminate Mountain Road as part of the luminarias that were being purchased.  We will continue to ask Merchants for donations to help fund this beautiful event."
    Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    Emergence Entertainment - Representing themselves as the unmarried couple that puts on the Gathering of Nations, and as the Go-To source of Native American entertainment---obviously they were called early on. They flat out refused to meet with me. When I asked why they would refuse to meet a paying customer. I was told that question itself, was offensive...The girlfriend yelled that the boyfriend (quietly agreeing on speaker phone) was "one of only about 2 or 3 Native American storytellers left in the world today, and to read from the book he wrote will be $550 per hour!". I was told "This is our culture, and you have no right to exploit our people!" I was also told to "look at successful events" and call them back when I had a budget and an itinerary and schedule. When I asked if I could pay them to help me make those up, I was told no. They said AUTHENTIC powwows (we aren't even doing a powwow FYI) have stages, p.a. systems, well known M.C.s, Cher/Vegas/ lighting, and well known dancers and singers with large followings---you know...the Traditional Way, in a cement stadium... They said I could not afford all of that jazz, and that I needed to learn what I was doing, and even talking about actually. I have heard stories that would make your teeth curl. Clearly they didn't get along with their last venue either: Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center - The museum Director told me, "I checked with our marketing coordinator and we're just not interested in participating." When asked if it was a calendar issue, she repeated, "We're just not interested in participating." When offered a free booth and advertising, she repeated it again! This is an organization that claims to, "To preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect, the accomplishments and evolving history of the Pueblo people of New Mexico." Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    Santa Fe Indian Market - When I spoke with (twice, two months apart) John Jones, Esq. - "Chief Development Officer" I clearly explained that we are not exclusively Native American (not directly competition). We are not Anywhere near their event dates, nor their jurying periods. We welcomed the Santa Fe SWAIA Indian Market to have FREE space to promote ITSELF, and we were offering FREE, $50, & $75 spaces to artists his organization supposedly seeks to "Develop". He told me it sounded great and there was "clearly no conflict of interest or dates" and he would be happy to help. The title of the email I sent after our second call was "We just spoke by phone." Before we hung up, I informed him I was emailing him immediately. That email came to him on Feb. 13, 2017.  Here it is: 

    "Thank you John, for offering to let your artists benefit from this event.

    In the first link below it shows the poster you can steal as a jpeg and put on any social media or websites or emails you like.

    The second link, has a variety of participation opportunities.
    The Social Media (links below) for the event, is where we do free advertising for vendors and hopefully they will make sales; long before the event, to pay for their spot. Anyone can reach me 24/7 at the event phone number and email. I hope to help all artists to make money. Prudy Correa has been a big help, as has the Navajo Nation.
    Please do let me know what the next steps are.
    Thank you for this John.
    Jason Pollak
    When I called back two weeks later, he ignored my voicemail. As he completely ignored the email above. I called back again two more weeks later, he ignored my voicemail. I called a very receptive, other employee there and she got back to me, eventually. She said John would not give specific reasons but said the organization would not be "participating" in my event. OK, no free booth to promote their own event, what about the ARTISTS they claim to "DEVELOP"? Why withhold such an affordable opportunity from them? No answer was given. I pressed for one, she refused to give one and said he refused to discuss the matter with her also. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.

    National Hispanic Cultural Center - I had no less than a dozen conversations with a very receptive and complimentary lady in the Marketing Department. She told me she would take a poster (the center hung some up thankfully) and put it in her office to tell her guests. She told me they have a small budget. She said they had not one volunteer willing to sit at a booth for themselves. I offered them an unmanned table for their propaganda, she said that would probably be a good idea. If not, the advertising on social media was enough to justify a $50 booth payment, she felt. I also offered that they could donate any branded paper or other ethnic decorations they wanted to put all over Old Town. Well talk is cheap. If you consistently ignore my phone calls after being supportive, earned yourself and your organization a paragraph here. And that is exactly what she did. She couldn't scrape up one volunteer, photocopies of anything, $50, or even return my calls. Our event will be a great success, no thanks to them.