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    Our handknit 100% linen henley short sleeve shirt for men, is an heirloom unlike any other henley. We start with the finest Italian linen yarn, then our master knitter spends a full week handkintting each vintage style henley shirt, one at a time at our atelier in New York. Our definitive version of a traditional henely comes with antique metal or antique mother of pearl buttons, and a ball of extra yarn for repairs in years to come. This timeless classic comes in dark chocolate brown, black (a true black as shown up close) and heathered tan/olive. **As shown, on the tan/olive and black shirts (color in person is True Black); we have now improved the strength of our sleeve and waist cuffs, and made the body shorter and slimmer.** Linen is naturally cold and naturally antiseptic. Linen was used for sheets and bandages for this reason. Its rugged antispetic nature, permitted infrequent washings pre-washing machine, and pre-running water days. Linen textiles were always expected to be passed down as heirlooms and we proudly continue that time honored tradition today with our 100% Linen Handknit Henley Shirt for Men.