The best American Turquoise & Silver jewelry available.

    We start with American deerskin, hand cut and hand knotted by a half Cherokee man on Oak Island. We then bead it all up at our Old Town Albuquerque atelier. Each one is fairly identical in their composition and pattern of accoutrements. We tried very hard to make them as uniform as possible. Nonetheless, they are all quite different, as you can see. The skull bead is all hand carved from buffalo bone by one man. The bead cap on his head is from a giant rudraksha bead mala Jason Pollak made and wore and restrung since he was 16 years old. It originally came from the SYDA Yoga Ashram Headquarters gift shop. There are Afghan jade disks, Indian Banjara gypsy bells and coins, African glass powder beads, Ghana recycled glass beads, Indian white hearts. sterling silver kachina charms, African cowry shells (formerly used as money), antique Ethiopian brass hand cut beads, metal buddha head charms, antique American metal workwear buttons, antique European mother of peal fancy buttons, antique African cobalt blue and assorted other trade beads.  

    In the tradition of pirates, who traveled the seas and settled inland for stretches as well, we present our pirate's pouch for a lifetime of enjoyment. On the high seas, buttons would be important, various types of trinkets and primitive trade currencies, would be critical. As the ships and seas dumped the contents of pockets, and literally ripped the clothing off the bodies of pirates, they learned that a properly adorned, well made pouch is essential in one's successful travel from hither to dither. You may appreciate this survival fact as well.