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    We are proud to offer only 4 museum caliber 100% cotton handspun boro patchwork scarf. In the tradition of "Boro" a rural folk art of Japan; our artisans start with raw cotton plants, then spin the cotton into yarn by hand. This soft handspun 100% cotton yarn is then handwoven on narrow looms into our fabric. The narrow strips are then handsewn into wider pieces, then patchwork by Jason Pollak himself.  Mud, indigo, ashes, other plants, and water are used to dye the textile and examples are sold here as well. But this is the pre-dyed textile and we think it is elegant and impressive in its undyed state. The undyed cloth is then hand sewn with 100% cotton yarn and 100% cotton thread; utilizing Shashiko stitching. The patches we use are all exclusively vintage 100% cotton and 100% linen textiles in various cuts. A superb heirloom to wear with pride.