The best American Turquoise & Silver jewelry available.


    Please email to check first if the one you want is in stock. These go fast. These are hand carved of an unknown material but not meltable nor burnable so I am guessing a stone of some sort. Supposedly from the Hongshan Chinese Dynasty, but they are certainly modern reproductions. If they were from Hongshan, each would be going for $1 million minimum. We beaded these in our Old Town Albuquerque atelier. We used American Buffalo for the thickest straps, and American deerskin for the thin straps. Our beads are vintage trade beads from various countries. The bells and coins used are from the Banjara gypsies of India. Some of these deity creatures are flying pigs, there is a frog man, there is a monkey man, a cicada, a griffin, a gargoyle...please specify if you want a particular one. Hongshan believed pigs could fly, and that cicadas represented a very high consciousness sound and that sound was the actual tone of metamorphosis. This is a concept that falls under the category of cymatics: one of Jason Pollak's favorite. Some totem are worn in the flying position. The Hongshan valued duality of jewelry, religious devotional items, and spiritual perceptions of reality. These pendants are quite heavy and about 2" - 3".