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BUY a SPACE: Southwestern-Indigenous or Southwestern-Relevant Artisans Selling Their Own Arts & Crafts

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In-Person Artist Retail Vendor Space is sold in 10' x 10' increments. No refunds.

IMPORTANT form - The City of Albuquerque requires businesses not registered with a New Mexico tax number, and without an annual ABQ Business Permit, to fill out their ONE Page form and pay them $35. You will get the form emailed to you, after your order is paid for.

PROFESSIONAL Online SOCIAL MEDIA Advertising of your Store, Website, Facebook, Products, Contact info, etc. is INCLUDED FREE, with your purchase of a space. It will run from when you fully register, through the event date. The longer you wait; the less Promotion you will receive.

1). Photos ACCURATELY DEPICTING the CALIBER of WHAT YOU WILL be VENDING are REQUIRED be to EMAILED:  No less than five photos depicting no less than 5 different retail items, and their prices, are REQUIRED to accompany the photos.

2). Dress for This: This event will portray an accurate cultural message to spectators, if we can. It is ALSO meant to be like stepping into the past, maybe 1910. This would be a fiesta that someone would experience then, but now. 

Attire worn (babies, everyone-who comes with you); must be dressed FOR THIS EVENT (if you can't afford the shoes or whatever, it's ok). Make an effort to show up dressed culturally representative/authentic, and/or vintage/antique southwestern, vintage Americana, Spanish, Mexican, or Western, Farmer, Cowboy, etc. Anything 1960's and older. The older the better. No T-Shirts or sports jersey uniform tops or shorts! No modern logos if possible.

Management reserves the right to deny a space to all vendors not in compliance with approved types/quality of retail items on event day (for example if you registered with your painted pottery and showed up with plastic jewelry instead). 

***BRINGING YOUR OWN TENT IS OK*** if you tell us the specifics of it. 

Believe it or not, DEJA VU REFINERY CORPORATION must submit all tents and their tables' arrangements on a map, to the Fire Marshall. How you can arrange your tables in it (there are choices of configurations) is determined by the FM. The Fire Marshall of Albuquerque will kick you out of the event, if your tent is not on the map, or the way he likes them done inside (for wind). We need to give him time to approve the map for the ALL tents at the entire event. We will not be bothering him with a new map version for the entire event, every time a fresh vendor decides they want to bring their own tent. Ron at Classic Party Rentals is handling the Fire Marshall for the tents they will set up and deliver, to those vendors who pay them. That is an optional service you can read about and get. 

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