The best American Turquoise & Silver jewelry available.


    Nothing says "cold weather" like a crackling fireplace. Nothing in a man's wardrobe says "fireplace" as much as a good flannel shirt. The textile itself is as soft as cotton can be, and it gets softer with each wearing and washing. Our flannel scarves are hand stitched with vintage bandanas and other heritage 100% cotton textiles. You must see the 2015 line available here as well. These handmade houndstooth, tartan or plaid flannel scarves are all homespun. We used 100% cotton yarns and threads for every patch. Each one was handsewn by Jason Pollak himself. Irresistibly comforting, and luxuriously masculine. Each of these you see here, are one of a kind. You may request a specific one. The red one was taken by Pharrell Williams and used for his Puff Daddy or P-Diddy (whatever he calls himself this minute) video in Pharrell's back pocket. The video is called "Finna Get Loose" whatever that means. The others are still available.