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Twice each year in Old Town Albuquerque which is along the historic highway Route 66, we are lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to have a themed shopping marketplace that celebrates all of Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico. Both Bonanzas begin at 10am and end at 9pm. PiƱatas, lanterns, candles, string lights, and even traditional kiva fireplaces can be seen throughout Old Town, as the citizenry rejoices in the cultural resurgence and the dwindling daylight. Gourmet food and drinks, with carefully regulated prices, quality and portions; will be a staple of every event. So too will be  carefully chosen musicians, throughout Old Town. Transportation to and from parking outside of Old Town, vehicle access to homes and businesses, garbage, security, noise, and complaints; will all be considerately and carefully controlled. Advertising will be unlike any that has been seen in Albuquerque in recent decades. Event advertising will always have a vintage/antique Americana aesthetic with lush vibrant colors promoting: 1) Old Town. 2) Albuquerque. 3) Route 66 nostalgia. 4) The Theme of the event. 

The first of our 2 yearly Old Town Bonanzas will be every May around Memorial Day weekend. This Bonanza is devoted to Antiques, Old Jewelry, Vintage Clothing, Textiles and old relevant southwestern finds. This Bonanza will feature, furniture, architectural salvage, clothing, rugs, textiles, smalls, jewelry, advertising, ephemera, antiquarian books, weapons, and everything else from the old days. It will encompass all things vintage, antique, American, Native American, Mexican, and Western. A broad scope of vendors will be carefully chosen so as to allow for a high quality, low cost higher end flea market experience.

The second of our 2 yearly events will not have a food court because the second event is dedicated entirely to food! Vegan and vegetarian vendors will be separated. Meats will be grouped together. Beverages will be separated. Desserts will all be together, and so on. The Food Bonanza will be held in November, celebrated across all of Old Town Albuquerque. The massive heat generated from everyone's cooking, will make the outdoor climate more inviting. Carefully chosen un-amplified acoustic musicians will be strategically stationed equidistant apart throughout Old Town. Food vendors will be carefully chosen so as to allow for a high quality, low cost customer feast. We care very much about portions, quality and price in food vendors. Portion and price specifics will be part of the application and booth rental agreement. It will be held in every November, around Thanksgiving.

Vendors from outside of America (particularly Japan, France, Germany, Thailand and Mexico) are heartily welcomed with a 50% OFF Booth Discount.

The shopkeepers in Old Town were honored with priority placement and half price booth rentals (if they are relevant to the theme and compliant with application requirements).

These 2 events are called:

1). The ROUTE 66 Fred Harvey Era Indigenous Southwest Culture, ANTIQUES, TEXTILES & VINTAGE CLOTHING BONANZA in OLD TOWN ALBUQUERQUE (every May around Memorial Day weekend) This year will be Saturday May 27th. 10am-9pm

2). The ROUTE 66 FOOD BONANZA in OLD TOWN ALBUQUERQUE (every November after Thanksgiving) This year will be Saturday November 25th 10am-9pm.

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